A step forward.
VívacSo is constituted, first of all, by highly motivated and competent people. Among the founding members there are doctors and technicians of the sector. The company constantly collaborates with experts to discuss technologies and innovation in order to devise products that effectively and punctually satisfy the complex needs of the customer (the I3P Polytechnic business incubator, University “Politecnico di Torino”, model makers like Paolo Zanin, excellent reverse engineering companies, companies in the field of composite fibres producing high-quality products, the graphic designer Luisa Boschi and others).
Diego Dolcetta
R&D Manager
Gaia Dolcetta
Carlo Calosso
Chief Operating Officer

Gaia Dolcetta, was born and raised in Venice, where she graduated from the IUAV, the Institute of Architecture. She works as a freelance, she collaborated with Tobia Scarpa, an internationally renowned designer.

In VívacSo she follows the production and marketing.

Carlo Calosso, born and raised in Turin, an aeronautical industrial expert. Marketing and sales oriented, as well as administrative tasks. He has carried out many activities in different sectors, such as the import and sale of capital goods, in Italy and abroad. In VívacSo, he holds the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Diego Dolcetta, born and raised in Venice, graduated in Medicine in Padua, became a neurologist in Pavia and carried out his doctorate in neuroscience in Siena. He has always dedicated himself to scientific research and worked in Milan at the Tiget-HSR, the Telethon Center of Gene Therapy in the "San Raffaele" hospital. After the car accident that caused his hemiparesis, he temporarily shifted his attention to some market failures, with patents in the orthopedic and neurological field. In VívacSo he is the Director and R&D manager.

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