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Ópponent® is the innovative and unique orthosis that supports the foot and prevents its internal rotation.

This involuntary torsional, inward movement of the foot on the frontal plane (supination reflex) hinders and slows down the gait of people with spasticity of the lower limb. A similar difficulty must be faced by those suffering from ankle instability due to ligamentous laxity and weakness of the foot musculature: in the latter case the internal rotation is due to body weight and the result may be ankle sprain.


Ópponent®, built in composite fibres - carbon, Kevlar® and Vectran® - also supports the dropping foot and solves these two specific conditions, at the same time providing a useful forward push during the advancement phase of step.



Light and not bulky

Its lightness and manageability make it possible not to change the rest of the clothing in any way.

The heel is in full and direct contact with the ground or the shoe. This helps the adherence of the foot, the control of the step and does not create differences in length between the limbs.

Removable padding

The removable padding makes it pleasant and comfortable. Realized in hypoallergenic, washable materials, offers a pleasant sensation of softness in contact with the skin.

Easy to wear

Ópponent is easily wearable with one hand in just a few seconds, even by subjects with limited motor capacity.

The absence of the back of the

footbed facilitates its fitting.


Ópponent is adaptable to the needs of each subject at the time of purchase

and after it.

Convenient and effective

Once adapted to the subject, Ópponent can be used all-day-long:

- with spasticity of any severity (as long as it is not a deformation yet);

- with any shoe, open or closed; sporting, casual or classic;

without its functionality being altered in any way.


Ópponent has an essential form closely linked to functionality.

Essentiality contributes to aesthetics.

The design makes it compatible with every clothing, in every season and in every occasion.


Download the Ópponent presentation brochure in Italian and English.     1,053 KB

Download the Ópponent user manual in Italian and English.

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During the last century the main problem faced by Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) was the foot drop. Now the prevailing condition is the weakness of the foot associated with spasticity of the limb.

For this reason, in the case of severe spasticity the old orthoses are explicitly contraindicated or in any case, even in the case of moderate spasticity, closed shoes are necessary to achieve maximal, still incomplete functionality.


Ópponent® is the first frontal AFO: it supports the foot and prevents its internal rotation by blocking the torsional movement thanks to effective constraints on the frontal plane.

Ópponent® is an absolutely innovative AFO as it releases the torsional strain of the spastic foot on the leg, opposing the invincible obstacle constituted by the calf itself.

The tests carried out showed that Ópponent® has a superior and unique ability to counteract the movement of internal rotation of the foot (supination).

This characteristic, together with the others described above, makes it an

AFO particularly suitable for spasticity of the lower limb and for ankle instability.

Ópponent® is produced as a Customized Medical Device, in compliance with the Directive 93/42/CE and s.m.i, by VívacSo Srl.

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